Positive Strokes Art School
Positive Strokes Art School and Gallery offers classes and workshops to artists of all ages. Classes are
geared toward the individual, allowing artists to begin at their own level, be it beginning through advanced.
As teachers invested in helping others to expand their own creative selves. Our intention is to offer a comfortable spacewhere learning and self expression come naturally.


3 Day Multi Media Winter Camps

Wed., Thurs. & Fri. (3 days) Fee: $75
December 26, 27, 28

10:00-noon-ages 5-9
1:00-3:00-ages 9-13

Wed., Thurs.& Fri. (3 days) Fee $75
January 2, 3, 4

10:00-noon-ages 9-13
1:00-3:00-ages 5-9

We also host birthdays, scout groups,
play dates, etc.! Please call for info

*Siblings welcome to attend camp together regardless of age*