Positive Strokes Art School
Positive Strokes Art School and Gallery offers classes and workshops to artists of all ages. Classes are
geared toward the individual, allowing artists to begin at their own level, be it beginning through advanced.
As teachers invested in helping others to expand their own creative selves. Our intention is to offer a comfortable spacewhere learning and self expression come naturally.


Sept / Oct. “A Promise”
Featuring paintings by local artist John Kreinitz

John made a promise that he would complete a personal challenge of completing a finished canvas each week.. As difficult as this was, a promise is a promise! He will now share his “2017” paintings, hoping to inspire other artists to do the same. It is easy to see John’s expertise in all aspects of his magnificent works. Join us to meet John and view his wonderful paintings!

Reception: Friday, Oct. 20 7:00-9:30

Nov. / Dec. "Celebrated Optimism"
Featuring oil paintings by local artist Ann Berg

Ann is an optimist who has a passion to paint beautiful things such as horses and her children.. She prefers to work “large” as life is “large”. A self taught artist, Ann has taken classes but works mainly from home and at her favorite relaxation spaces. Explore the revolution of her wonderful paintings as both her passion and as an exciting and ongoing learning process.

Reception: Saturday, Dec. 2 4:00-6:00

Stop by our Gallery anytime to see and purchase original fine art, prints, pottery, jewelry, wood and soapstone carvings and more! Be sure to join us at our bi-monthly openings!